New Product: PnP EMS for Lotus 2ZZ-GE

After 2 and a half years in research and development, Radium Engineering is proud to announce the release of the long anticipated Lotus Elise/Exige 2ZZ-GE fully programmable engine management system (EMS). The power of AEM tuning is now available for all 2ZZ-GE powered Lotus vehicles.

Radium has sorted through all of the technical difficulties to make this system a simple plug and play with no modification necessary to the vehicle.

This system opens the door to unmatched flexibility in how the engine is controlled and what the car can become. For instance, want to know what your intake air temperature is in your Exige-S and datalog it for a track session? Want to get rid of your MAF sensor and run a free flowing simple intake system on your stock Elise? Want to have on-the-fly adjustable traction control? Want to set different turbo boost levels depending on what gear you're in for your turbocharged Elise? All of this and much more is possible!

The system includes a custom Radium main wiring harness, Radium/AEM EMS-4 and Radium jumper box and is completely plug and play for quick installation.
The powerful software from AEM is now able to directly control all engine parameters including fuel, ignition, VVTi-L and more. It also offers endless felxibility allowing the user to control a variety of auxiliary functions including wideband feedback, boost control, traction control, radiator fans, and more.

One of the most powerful functions is the comprehensive built-in datalogging. All engine parameters can be logged and viewed with the AEM logging software.

Optional plug-in accessories can be custom tailored for each application.

The EMS is delivered with pre-configured "base" tunes to further reduce the installation time. These tunes provide a solid foundation to start a custom calibration. All tunes must be checked and dialed-in before aggressive driving.

No longer are you tied to only a handful of people that can tune your standalone system or reflash your factory ECU over emails. Using AEM technology means that you have full access to the huge network of Certified AEM Tuners all over the world using the most powerful tuning software on the market today.

To celebrate this release, special promotional pricing is available until September 25th 2012 with expect ship date of early November 2012. Click HERE for the product page.