VIDEO: JTP Drifting the Radium Turbo Elise

Here is a test and tune session with Portland Speed Industries at an abandonded lumber mill in Packwood, Washington. Our long-time friend, Pro Drifter Justin Pawlak (JTP) was on hand to give our car a good work out. He did very well putting on a show despite several characteristics that make the Elise a less than ideal drift car.

More information on this event can be found here.

New Release: Lotus Evora Dual Catch Can Kit

Radium Engineering is proud to announce another new product for the Lotus Evora. Our Dual Oil Catch Can installation kit is now available for the 2010+ Lotus Evora.
This kit was created based on input from a customer about periodic blue smoke from the exhaust when autocrossing or tracking his Evora. This blue smoke was the result of excess oil in the PCV system being dumped into the intake manifold and burned in the combustion process. This was verified by examining the PCV hoses and finding the insides of them soaked in oil.
This was a perfect application for our existing GEN2 Billet Aluminum Catch Cans. These would solve the problem by trapping the PCV oil in the catch cans and keeping it from getting into the intake tract or intake manifold. More information on how our catch cans work can be found here.
For the Evora, we found a great mounting location that is away from moving parts and excessive engine heat that can be detrimental to the oil separation process. So we designed a custom laser cut bracket that bolts on with no drilling required. Proper hose lengths were recorded and, as always, O-ring sealed fittings were used.

The catch can bracket mounts to the right side deck lid hinge bolts and positions the Catch Cans clear of the engine cover.

Hose routing is clean and functional. The longer the air flow travel, the cooler the gas becomes and the chance of the oil vapor falling out of suspension increases. Full access to all engine components is maintained.

The kit comes complete with Radium Catch Cans, Hoses, -AN Fittings, Laser Cut Bracket, Stainless Steel Clamps and Fasteners and can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

The Billet Oil Catch Cans are visible from outside the vehicle looking though the vent screen and through the rear window.

We are currently awaiting a new shipment of GEN2 Billet Catch Cans and this kit will be ready to ship in early September 2011. Pre-ordering can be done on our website by CLICKING HERE. Catch can orders will ship as soon as they are available.