New Product Release: Dual Walbro Fuel Surge Tank

We are back with yet another variation on our popular fuel surge tank line. This latest unit uses two internal Walbro GSS-341 pumps in parallel.
This surge tank is designed to support ultra high output engines while also eliminating fuel starvation resulting from aggressive driving.
Each Walbro pump is capable of supporting roughly 600Hp, making this surge tank capable of fueling an engine up to 1200Hp!


Inside the surge tank is the normal high quality Radium componentry. All machined aluminum parts are anodized for protection and sealed together with stainless steel hardware and O-rings.

Each pump has a dedicated output port, and dedicated wiring. This allows flexibility in how the fuel system is plumbed.

The pump(s) anchoring bracket features the trademark Radium green anodized finish.

On all Radium fuel surge tanks, the pump outlet(s) are easily identified by the nickel plated nuts. All fittings are -6AN size.

When buying this unit for a universal application, powder coated floor and wall mount brackets are included.

The surge tank is available now: Radium Online Store

Drift Day with Portland Speed Industries

Since Club Lotus NW cancelled its spring track day at Portland International Raceway, we had a hole in our schedule to fill. Luckily, our friends over at Portland Speed Industries were holding a "customer appreciation" day at a popular autocross venue in central Washington the same day.

The location is the site of a long-closed lumber mill in Packwood, Washington. It features 15 acres of wide open asphalt and is privately owned and rented out for automotive uses. PSI rented the venue for the day and invited several of their customers and friends of the shop out for some fun on the pavement.

This proved to be an excellent opportunity to put our turbocharged Lotus to a test of durability. Our long time friend, and professional Formula D drifter, Justin Pawlak "JTP" also attended the event so we handed the keys over to watch the pro driver smash on the mid engine Elise.

Despite the open differential in the Elise, JTP was still able to get it sideways in a controlled drift. The car spent several 10 minute sessions at constant high RPM and full boost and never missed a beat. However, late in the day we suffered a charging system issue and blew a VVTi fuse. The turbo kit performed exactly as expected and was solid as a rock. We were testing out several changes including a new journal bearing GT28 turbocharger, a simple turbo oil return technique, and a new boost calibration tune.

The weather oscillated between torrential downpour to blazing sun all day, but we got several good sessions of dry pavement. Some of the customers had just as much fun in the water.

Twin Turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

PSI's R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Andrew Coomes used the opportunity to practice his drift technique in his LS powered 240sx.

This event also provided the opportunity for us to work with YAER Productions on shooting a professional level Radium Engineering promo video.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to PSI for inviting us out and letting us bring out the turbo Elise in a safe environment.