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RADIUM Engineering, LLC

Since 2010, Radium Engineering's goal has been to simply design and produce the highest quality, best performing aftermarket automotive products. Radium relies on a core team with a passion for innovation to lead the company toward advancement in the industry.

With a BSME from the University of South Florida, JP has a long history in the aftermarket automotive industry. His career began as an engineer at Advanced Engine Management (AEM) for 12 years which provided intimate knowledge of engine management electronics and advanced dyno tuning concepts. JP also designed, launched and maintained an innovative turbocharger product line for a market leader in BMW forced induction at HPF for 5 years.

Aaron graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. His career in the vehicle industry has taken him to several leading automotive companies including AEM, HPF, WARN Industries and Daimler. Aaron has also worked in the aerospace and military vehicle industries.

After obtaining a bachelor’s from USF, Tina is currently pursuing an MBA at Portland State University. Her specialized skills ensure the business is properly managed, items ship on time, purchasing and inventory is organized, and policies are upheld in a consistent manner.

All Radium products are carefully planned with thorough R&D and designed in-house using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques. Extensive testing and evaluation ensures the performance of Radium products exceed consumer expectations. For these reasons, top motorsports competitors and enthusiasts worldwide rely on Radium Engineering products.  

Currently, Radium offers an expanding collection of motorsport parts and accessories for high performance and racing, focusing on their revolutionary fuel surge tank line and PCV oil catch can systems. An growing collection of application specific parts are also being created. Please contact Radium for more information.