Radium Turbocharger Kit Update

With our Fuel Surge Tanks released, we can focus on our flagship turbocharger kits for the Lotus Elise and Exige. When we left off, we had tested a Garrett T3 60-trim turbocharger on the dyno. This was going to be our entry level turbo. Despite having insanely fast  spool-up, the T3 just could not keep up at the top end with the air flow demand of the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. So we came up with a Plan-B for an entry-level turbo.

Shown below is a Garrett GT28. This is a water cooled, journal bearing turbo that offers the advanced GT-series aerodynamics in an affordable package. This turbocharger should have very similar performance to the GT2860RS (ball bearing) turbocharger we were using on the Radium Lotus Elise last year. We are excited to see the differences in spool characteristics the ballbearing vs. non ballbearing show and we will post the results right here on our blog. We will be taking another trip to the dyno as soon as we can, so check back for updates.

This turbocharger costs quite a bit less than its ball-bearing twin, so substantial savings in the overall kit price will be seen with this option.