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Radium Competition Catch Cans (CCC) are specifically made to vent to atmosphere (VTA). For a VTE competition catch can that recirculates clean air back into the intake, click HERE. There is a large and extra large version of the VTA competition catch can (see below for more details). The XL CCC meets the common 1 quart minimum capacity requirements dictated by many organizing bodies including SCCA, NASA, and Formula Drift. 

Both VTA CCCs have 2 adjacent inlets making them complimentary to dual bank engines, as shown below. Both inlet ports are machined with 10AN ORB (7/8"-14) threads. NOTE: For engines with 1 crankcase vent port, simple use 14-0351 to plug the additional inlet port. 

The VTA CCC features one giant non-restrictive outlet that is over 183% larger than the inner diameter of the 10AN inlets. This increase in volume slows air flow allowing contaminants to fall out of suspension. Additionally, contaminants are trapped with a diffuser permitting the oil sludge to fall back into the catch can preventing overspray in the engine bay. 

As shown, the CNC machined aluminum can unscrews for ease of serviceability. The VTA CCC has a dual stage condensing material design (located in the inlet and outlet). These free flowing chambers do not create any flow restriction. 

Like all Radium catch cans, an easily accessed dipstick is provided to quickly check fluid level, as shown.

A threaded 4AN ORB port (shown below) is integrated on the bottom for the ability to plumb a petcock drain valve (more info HERE.)

The included bracket provides a ton of flexibility and permits full 360 degree rotation. Additionally, M6x1mm hardware is provided for chassis mounting, as shown.

For those currently using the 20-0772, an optional extension piece kit will convert it to the extra large VTA CCC (20-0771).

To upgrade at a later time from the L to XL version, click HERE.


20-0771 AND 20-0772
10AN ORB (7/8"-14)


HEIGHT: 9.0” / 229mm
WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs (w/ all hardware)
VOLUME: 1qt / 0.9L / 32floz

HEIGHT: 6.3” / 160mm
WEIGHT: 1.8 lbs (w/ all hardware)
0.625qt / 0.6L / 20floz


1. The lower half of the body simply unscrews for draining.
2. The integrated dipstick unscrews for a quick way to check oil level.
3. Some engines may require multiple catch cans depending on the PCV system design.
4. Bulk PCV rubber hose in various sizes can be found HERE.
5. Catch cans are NOT designed for aftermarket crankcase vacuum pumps.
6. Sold without fittings. Compatible 10AN ORB adapter fittings can be found HERE.