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For a complete fuel cell package, run the fuel cell configurator HERE.

A weld-in cage will ease fuel cell installation by offering a pre-made, safe and secure, robust cradle. The lower cage supports are made from 11 gauge STAINLESS STEEL. The upper cage is TIG welded by hand and made with 1" x 1" x 1/16" STAINLESS STEEL tube. And because the tubing is not mild carbon steel, they are rust resistant. Welding is required and should be performed by a professional. RA-Series fuel cells fit snug in the cage and are held in place with the included anodized aluminum straps. All parts are corrosion resistant.

20-0906 FUEL CELL WELD IN CAGE, 6 GALLON is shown below.

20-0910 FUEL CELL WELD IN CAGE, 10 GALLON is shown below.

20-0914 FUEL CELL WELD IN CAGE, 14 GALLON is shown below.

20-0922 FUEL CELL WELD IN CAGE, 22 GALLON is shown below.

1. The weld-in cages are ONLY compatible with the Radium RA-series fuel cells
2. Discontinued 15 gallon RA-Series Fuel Cells are compatible with 14 gallon weld-in cages.
3. Made in Portland Oregon, USA.

International Customers: Please contact for a shipping quote.

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