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The Direct Mount Regulator (DMR) is the perfect solution for simplifying a high-flow fuel injection system. It's unique swivel inlet fitting adapts directly to the fuel rail eliminating external mounting and additional plumbing. The DMR uses the same internals as the popular Radium Multi-Pump Regulator. This means it carries over the ability to change the orifice to match the regulator to the pump flow. See the installation instructions for more details. 

Either of the lower two opposing -6AN ORB ports can be used for the return line. Using the included fittings, simply install the 6AN male into the port that points in the ideal direction and install the plug into the remaining port. Fuel pressure is dialed in using the preload set screw on top. 

The 1:1 vacuum reference high flow design has been tested to regulate over 1,400 liters per hour (see MORE DETAILS tab). Furthermore, with the addition of interchangeable return orifices, the DMR can be used in ANY horsepower output EFI system imagineable and is compatible with all gasoline and ethanol blends of fuel.

Is the DMR compatible with my fuel rail?
Your fuel rail must have a compatible port. Currently, Radium Engineering offers the following fuel rail adapters:


This can be used with aftermarket fuel rails that use 6AN ORB (9/16-18) threaded ports.

This can be used with aftermarket fuel rails that use 8AN ORB (3/4-16) threaded ports. Currently all Radium Engineering fuel rails are compatible with this adapter.

This can be used with some OEM fuel rails. The adapter has an 11mm bore and M6 bolt threads that are symmetrically spaced 39mm apart.

This architecture is common to the following engines: 
Toyota 2JZ-GTE
Toyota 4E-FTE
Toyota 4A-GZE
Toyota 4A-GE
Mitsubishi EVO X
Saab 9-2X Aero 2.0L
Subaru EJ20 GDA WRX
Mazda MX-5

However, not all of these engines have been tested with the factory fuel rail and the DMR. Reference the dimensions below to determine if the DMR can phyisically reside in your specific application. 


-Fuel Pressure Regulator (Black or Green Top)
-Inlet Adapter Fitting (6AN or 8AN ORB)
-6AN ORB to 6AN Male
-6AN ORB Plug
-Interchangeable Return Orifices (x3)
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-FKM Viton O-rings


Select the anodized color of the DMR's CNC machined billet top:
Bright Dipped Black

Radium Green

The graph below shows the minimum fuel pressure the regulator can achieve as a function of pump flow rate. This test was performed with the adjustment screw completely backed out, no preload.

For example, if you have two pumps that flow 320LPH (total 640LPH), the approximate minimum pressure the regulator can achieve is about 23.5 psi. Note: if an OEM fuel pressure regulator is used for 640LPH, it will likely not be able to bypass enough fuel.

With the Radium DMR, simply spin the set screw clockwise to achieve higher pressures. Note: Most EFI systems operate at 43.5 psi (3Bar) static fuel pressure.


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