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This universal Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) is built around the common OEM Bosch regulator inserts. These Bosch units are found in many applications, including:

-Audi 1.8L Turbo
-Ford Falcon BA, BF, FG XR6 Turbo
-Ford Territory Turbo
-FPV F6 Typhoon Turbo
-Volkswagen 1.8L Turbo

Alternatively, Radium offers two GENUINE Bosch regulator tops: 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) static and 4.0 Bar (58.2 psi) static. These Bosch regulator tops are vacuum referenced with a 1:1 ratio and are NOT adjustable.

The compact Radium Engineering billet aluminum FPR housing provides a convenient package for plumbing and mounting. The regulator top is secured with a stainless steel snap ring and can easily be removed using snap-ring pliers. The two main high pressure ports are threaded for 6AN ORB. The 6AN male return port is integrated into the housing. There is also a 1/8 NPT female port for a gauge, pressure transducer, etc. Each FPR housing is laser etched and anodized for a superior finish.

NOTE: The exact min, static, and max pressures are influenced by the flow rate of the fuel pump being used. These FPRs are tested using a common Walbro 255lph pump. If a higher flowing pump is used, the minimum pressure ratings may be higher than advertised. For applications with more pump flow, consider a high flow fuel pressure regulator.


-Billet 6061 Aluminum Housing 
-6AN Male Adapter Fitting
-6AN ORB Plug Fitting 
-1/8-27 NPT Port Plug 
-Integrated -6AN Male Return Port
-Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
-Stainless Steel Snap Retaining Ring
-Anodized Aluminum Mounting Bracket



If a regulator top is not needed (already have one from another source), select Radium 20-0014. This option includes everything needed with the exception of the regulator top, as shown below.

20-0010-00 and 20-0010-01
These come assembled with the Bosch regulator unit installed in the housing, as shown below.


Fuel Pressure Gauge

Radium also offers an optional fuel pressure gauge (shown below). This secures to the front 1/8"-27 NPT port of the fuel pressure regulator housing. 


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