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The accessories listed below are specific to the popular Bosch 0 580 254 044 fuel pump. NOTE: The actual Bosch pump is not sold by Radium Engineering and must be purchased elsewhere.

14-0197 Adapter Fitting, M18x1.5 to -6AN 
This inlet adapter fitting is zinc-plated steel and includes a sealing crush washer. 

14-0196 Adapter Fitting, M12x1.5 to -6AN 
This outlet adapter fitting is bright dip black anodized aluminum and includes a sealing crush washer. Note: this eliminates the Bosch check valve.

20-0259 10AN ORB to Bosch 044 Check Valve Adapter 
This outlet adapter fitting permits the use of the Bosch 16 14 9 068 988 check valve that is included with the pump. Includes a crush washer to seal the inlet to the check valve surface. Requires a 10AN ORB fitting for the outlet of the adapter.

Bosch 16 14 9 068 988 Check Valve
This M12x1.5mm threaded check valve comes standard and is preinstalled with the purchase of a Bosch "044" fuel pump. If it was discarded or has been lost, select this option. NOTE: the lower M12x1.5 threaded section is just a male/female extension bushing. It can be removed from the upper check valve section, if necessary.


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