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PTFE is the ultimate chemically inert hose material. It has outstanding resistance to chemicals including alcohol fuels such as methanol, ethanol, E85 and leaded fuels such as race gas. It is also suitable for brake, transmission, clutch, power steering, and coolant. PTFE hose has ~zero~ permeation and will not emit vapors like rubber fuel hose, so it is safe to use in confined spaces such as a vehicle’s trunk or small garage.

All Radium Engineering PTFE hoses have been successfully tested in-house to 1200psi although PTFE can typically withstand 2500psi+. They are also for extreme temperatures (-94F to +480F). They feature an extruded PTFE (fluoropolymer) core wrapped in a stainless steel wire braided sleeve. The outer coating is determined by the assembly process: Preassembled crimped ends (smooth PVC). All hose ends are type-II black anodized aluminum. 

Hose Dimensions
6AN: 0.33" ID/0.50" OD
8AN: 0.42" ID/0.60" OD
10AN: 0.51" ID/0.70" OD


These pre-fabricated -6AN, -8AN (shown below) and -10AN hoses are offered in various lengths and hose end fittings. The black outer cover is anti-abrasion. This smooth PVC coating is perfect for machine crimping PTFE hose ends.

They are shipped pre-assembled and are ready for immediate installation. Hoses with angled fittings on each end incorporate a swivel on at least one fitting.

To determine the specific hose architecture, let's use this example below
6AN - 24.0" - 90S - 45

6AN = 9/16"-18 female threads with a 37 degree flare.
8AN = 3/4"-16 female threads with a 37 degree flare.
10AN = 7/8"-14 female threads with a 37 degree flare.
24.0 = The distance from the end of one hose end to the end of the other hose end is 24 inches (610mm). This is the distance of the PTFE hose plus the hose ends. This is NOT center to center measurement of the hose ends.
90 = One end has a 90 degree hose end.
S = This hose end swivels after it is tightened.
45 = One end has a 45 degree hose end.
ST = One end has a straight hose end.

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