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99-05 Mazda MX-5 (LHD without ABS)
-Compatible with OEM strut tower bar

The Radium Engineering brake master cylinder brace installs on the strut tower and provides the needed support and immediate response for hard braking. The stainless steel design is powdercoated and very stiff creating 90% less brake master cylinder deflection. Because it is a 1-piece design, there are no unwanted secondary flexing. Furthermore, the plate secured to the chassis with M8 hardware at 30lbft (40Nm) of torque.

Physically, the brace is very streamline supporting aftermarket modifications mounted near the strut tower. The strategically selected adjustment screw prevents damage to the master cylinder housing with the use of a large diameter aluminum head. The included stainless steel jam nuts prohibit any potential slippage of the set preload. 

When the brake pedal is depressed, not all the mechanical energy is transferred into hydraulic brake line pressure. Unfortunately some of the energy is wasted flexing the thin firewall. With the Radium Engineering master cylinder brace, firewall flexing is eliminated allowing all of the brake pedal input force to be applied for stopping the vehicle. The master cylinder movement was measured before and after with a dial indicator (shown below).

Results show 90% less brake master cylinder deflection. This enables a firmer pedal feel and more responsive brake system.

-Compatible with OEM strut tower bar
-Solid 1-piece design for increased rigidity
-Machined from stainless steel

-Black powdercoated brace
-Aluminum preload adjustment bolt (will not harm the aluminum MC)
-Stainless steel jam nuts (x2)
-Stainless steel shims (x2)
-Longer M8x1.25mm studs (x4)
-Extra M8x1.25mm nuts (x4)

The kit includes longer upper strut studs to make up for the extra thickness of the brace. Furthermore, stainless steel shims are provided for the passenger side strut to level the strut tower bar (if applicable). Installation is very quick and easy.

This brace does not require any cutting, drilling, or modifications to the vehicle.