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The Radium Engineering universal fuel filter is a perfect match for any application needing high flow and industry-leading filtration.  Radium Engineering uses one of the largest filtration elements in the industry. This translates into a long service life and minimum flow loss, making this filter perfect for low and high-horsepower applications. The filter can be completely disassembled for servicing and replacement elements are available. Stainless steel mesh elements can be cleaned and re-used, while the microglass element is more efficient but must be replaced at the end of it's service life. The filter is designed for both carbureted and EFI fuel pressures.

All fuel filters are constructed with a 3-piece body that is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and Type-II anodized for maximum corrosion resistance.

The end caps are sealed to the body with FKM O-rings.

As shown below, the filter elements feature a stainless internal core to prevent collapsing at high flows.

The fuel filters come preassembled with the chosen filter element. These filters are compatible with all fuel types including gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, and alcohol blends such as E85. High fuel pressures < 150psi can safely be used with negligible pressure drop.

Besides the filter element differences, there are 2 types of Radium Engineering fuel filters. The 20-0220-0X fuel filters (shown below) are represented with an anodized green outlet cap. This is a high flowing version of a typical fuel filter on the market.

The 20-1220-0X fuel filter (shown below) is represented with an anodized silver outlet cap.

These fuel filters use the same elements and have the same phyical dimensions as the 20-0220-0X fuel filters. The difference is they feature an integrated check valve on the outlet. This filter was flow tested to have a 1psi drop at 300LPH and 2.5psi drop at 700LPH.

Depending on the application, this could be necessary for keeping fuel pressure up after the engine is turned OFF. As an example, some fuel pumps do not include a check valve on the outlet. Another example is some venturi jet pumps operate on the high pressure side rather then on the return side of the fuel system. These examples would benefit from this fuel filter.

All fuel filter end caps are removable and feature large -10AN ORB female threaded ports for high flow plumbing. Radium Engineering offers a large selection of adapter fittings to connect up to a variety of fuel hose types and sizes.

For a list of available adapter fittings, go here: 10AN ORB Adapter Fittings. 

The dimensions shown below are the same for all fuel filters.

The Radium Engineering fuel filters are available with different filtration elements. Each option is discussed below.

ABSOLUTE: 99.9% of the particles larger than the specified micron rating will be trapped within the filter.
NOMINAL: The majority of the particles within the specified micron rating will not pass through the filter.

The official BOSCH Fuel Injector filtration specification states:
"Recommended filter quality: nominal rating 5um, minimum 82% capture efficiency according to ISO/TR 19438; dirt particles > 35um are not permissible." 
The Radium Engineering 18-0025-05 element (from 20-0220-05 filter) has a capture efficiency of 99.9% at 6 micron meeting this standard.

For replacement fuel filter elements, go HERE.

Fuel Filter Burst Pressure: 750psi
The chart belows shows the results of Radium's in-house flow testing of the 20-0220 fuel filters. The pressure drop was found by measuring the inlet and outlet pressures at different flow rates.

Radium Engineering fuel filter elements have an extensive amount of surface area in order to extend service life. Keep in mind that high fuel demand engines will experience an increase in pressure drop faster as the contaminant load increases in the element. This means service intervals will be more frequent with higher powered engines.  

For element media servicing, just the outlet cap is required to be removed.


20-0221 1pc Clamp, 60mm, Heat Exchanger
With engine power levels globally increasing, pump heat is fast becoming an issue in fuel systems. This custom extrusion includes cooling fins that help dissipate heat. The conductive 6063 aluminum design directly clamps to the fuel filter body with 2 countersink stainless steel screws.

For maximum efficiency, this unit must be mounted in a location where cool air can pass through the cooling fins, such as underneath the vehicle. Four M6x1mm stainless steel screws are included for mounting to the chassis. The unit is anodized black with a laser engraved design.

20-0122 2pc Clamp, 60mm, Dual
This 2-piece 6061 billet aluminum clamp is designed specifically for 2 filters (or 1 filter and 1 Bosch 044 pump). A stainless steel M8 bolt and lock nut is included.

This clamp is designed to be mounted to a flat surface. The clamps are anodized Radium green with laser engraved logos.

20-0218 2pc Clamp, 60mm, Single
This 6061 billet aluminum 2-piece clamp consists of two halves that grip the filter body.

Three stainless steel M5 bolts are used to mount the clamp to the vehicle and two additional screws are used to secure the clamp halves together. The clamp is anodized black with a CNC engraved logo.

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