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FST Install Kit:
Surge Tank Not Included
Surge Tank:
Pump Not Included


Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)

This comprehensive installation kit includes everything needed to install a Radium fuel surge tank with a single 39mm fuel pump in a 06-09 Honda S2000. More FSTR-RA information can be found HERE. The kit was not designed to work with the Radium MPFST. For our fuel surge tank (FST) install kit for the 00-05 S2000, go HERE.

Here is a informative video on how a Radium Fuel Surge Tank works:

This FSTR-RA install kit utilizes Radium's innovative FSTR-RA surge tank (sold separately) which incorporates an integrated fuel pressure regulator designed for the returnless fuel system found in the 06-09 S2000. This eliminates the need for an external FPR to be purchased. Furthermore, leaving the FSTR-RA regulator barb disconnected to manifold pressure will emulate the OEM fuel pressure, if required.

Also, the 06-09 S2000 has no low pressure fuel return hose that plumbs back into the fuel tank. Included in this kit is a billet barb adapter (shown below) that routes the excess fuel from the FST back into the main fuel tank through the fuel filler hose.  
The Honda S2000 install kit locates the FST in a hidden collision-safe area of the trunk behind the left seat using factory located threaded bosses. No modifications or drillling required. Because the S2000 is a small vehicle, please consider the decibels of the fuel pump selected. As shown below, 100% of the trunk space is still useable. 

The bolt-on powdercoated aluminum bracket mounts to existing OEM holes and features 3 rubber isolation mounting points to reduce fuel pump noise and vibration.

Also included are wiring components with flying leads featuring Raychem solderless butt splices, and a weatherproof fuse and relay to drive the FST's fuel pump. Wiring is very simple and takes less than 30 minutes to assemble. No soldering is required.
Included are 4 preassembled -6AN PTFE hoses which are great for all types of fuel including high alcohol contents, such as ethanol (E85). Unlike standard rubber hose, PTFE is non-permeable and eliminates any possible fuel vapor smell. These PTFE hoses use anodized aluminum hose ends and are cut-to-length specifically for the 06-09 S2000 application. The inner stainless steel braid resists extreme fuel pressures and is covered with black PVC which gives the hose added protection from debris and provides abrasion protection.


-Preassembled 3/8" (-6AN) PTFE Hoses 
-Aluminum Mounting Bracket with Vibration Isolators
-AN and OEM Style Adapter Fittings
-Billet Fuel Filler Barb Adapter
-Stainless Steel Clamps
-Stainless Steel Hardware  
-Wiring Components with Relay and Fuse

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