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DIY Wiring Kit:
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For installation documents select the specific part numbers HERE

This comprehensive kit includes all the Radium Engineering components required to construct a high performance fuel delivery system for the second generation Cadillac CTS-V. 

Normally the CTS-V fuel tank would need to be dropped. With the supplied access cover and some sheet metal cutting the fuel pump can be easily serviced quickly. More details on 20-0835 can be found HERE.

The in-tank fuel hanger surge tank replaces the factory unit and can be configured with a variety of different fuel pump options. More details on the 20-132X fuel hanger can be found HERE.

A new high flow fuel filter, fuel lines, AN fittings, and an undercarriage fuel line retainer replace all OEM components. More details on the 20-1325-0X fuel hanger plumbing kits can be found HERE.

Fuel enters through a 8AN fitting on the inlet of a high flow LSA fuel rail. More details on the 20-0362 fuel rails can be found HERE. NOTE: Fuel Injectors are required.

Unwanted pressure spikes are controlled through fuel pulse dampers. More details on the 20-0776 FPD-R can be found HERE.

The included FPR regulates fuel pressure with boost pressure at a 1:1 ratio. More details on the 20-1623-00 DMR-RA can be found HERE.

The DMR-RA is monitored and adjusted using a 0-100psi gauge. More details regarding the 20-0029 gauge can be found HERE.


Step 1: Select a fuel hanger pump configuration based on the vehicle requirements.
Step 2: Select the brand and number of fuel pumps. These can be ordered separately if needed. For more information on the pumps offered and supporting power, see THIS PAGE.
Step 3: Select the fuel filter element type. For more information on the filter elements, see THIS PAGE.
Step 4: Select the amount of fuel pump wiring kits required. These components can be independently sourced and assembly, if needed. 
Step 5: After all selections are made, add item to cart and proceed to checkout.

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