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Because of continuous and intense heat cycling with track use, plastic coolant tanks have a reputation of failing over time. Fortunately, the rugged 2-piece Radium Engineering replacement is CNC machined and anodized for increased longevity. And because aluminum is a superior thermal conductor material, heat transfer is further improved. Additionally, the metal construction is robust enough to use in racing applications.

This kit directly replaces the plastic Toyota tank. A specially designed mounting bracket secures to existing threaded holes and adapter fittings interface with the factory hoses. The tank functionality remains the same as the OEM cooling system. Furthermore, the tank holds the same volume of coolant as the factory tank. However, the reduced size allows more room in the engine bay for other modifications and easier access to the engine for servicing.

The Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank has proved itself over the years in many applications all over the world, in race and street vehicles.

The internal design features two chambers with cross-over passages at the top and bottom. The coolant tank also has an internal swirl feature aiding in deaerating the system.

For more details on the coolant tank, click HERE.

The kit includes all parts necessary for installation. 

-2-Piece Billet Aluminum Tank
-Aluminum Mounting Bracket 
-Billet Adapter Fittings
-Overflow Hose, 7/32"
-Stainless Steel Hardware

The OEM Toyota cap has a pressure rating of 1.08 Bar. Various pressure reliefs of the Radium Engineering Type-A cap can be used.

To select a Radium Engineering cap, use the check boxes above. More info on the caps HERE.


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