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Internal Bulkheads

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External Bulkheads



NOTE: Some of these wiring harness connectors are used in Radium Engineering products. For a complete bulkhead mating connection, select one internal and one external harness from the lists above.

External harness wires use 24" long 10AWG TXL insulated wires. Internal harness use twin 16 AWG ETFE insulated wires. 

4-Pin metal shell bulkheads and flying lead connectors are available and can be referenced by the part numbers shown in the photo below.

7-Pin Plastic shell bulkhead connectors (shown below) are no longer used in Radium products, but limited quantities of 17-0027 and 17-0028 service parts are still available.
NOTE: If using Walbro "450" style pumps, purchase 17-0028 and cut off the blade terminals then install a compatible mating plug for the Walbro 450 connector. Radium does not have these plugs available, they will bave to be sourced HERE.
Alternatively, after cutting off the blade terminals, the wires can be soldered directly to the wires from the Walbro pump, after cutting off the connector of the walbro pump.

Radium no longer carries the mating flying-lead or connector kit for these 7-pin bulkheads. Refer to the CONXALL part number below for the connector kit.

These bulkheads can be used for rebuilding a damaged connector or for DIY installation.

Metal shell 4-way connector shown above.

Radium no longer carries the external 7-pin mating connector or flying lead harness assembly found on legacy Radium products. However, the connector kit shown in the photo below is still available from electrical component retailers on the internet. Google search using the part number in the photo.

All panels must be 0.06-0.18 inches thick. See the drawing below for cutouts for each bulkhead connector. A gasket is included on the large connector and the small connector includes an O-ring for sealing against panel surface.


If wiring a connector to a Radium Engineering internal harness, the pinouts are below.

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