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The Multi Port Regulator (MPR) is a great solution for both simple and complex high-flow fuel systems. Its unique port configuration makes it ideal for combining dual fuel pumps into a single feed line. Alternatively, it can be used to split a single feed line to a dual bank fuel system with 2 fuel rails. However, it can also be used for single pump or single fuel rail applications by simply plugging the unused ports.

The MPR can be plumbed many different ways to suit most any installation; traditional flow-through or dead head systems. Because of this flexibility, it is also perfect for Radium fuel systems by eliminating the need for an extra "Y" fitting. The lower 2 opposing return ports are unique in that they flow parallel with the pressure ports eliminating the need for elbow fittings. Either lower port can be used for the return line, just plug the one not used (a plug is included).

This regulator can be floor mounted. Alternatively, wall mounting can be accomplished by not using the included mounting bracket and simply mounting using the holes that pass through the body, or by mounting the regulator sideways.

Two interchangeable orifices are included to match the amount of fuel bypassed for the application. Furthermore, this added precision will resist diaphragm flutter and optimize pressure stability. The 1:1 rising rate high flow design has been tested to regulate over 1,400 liters per hour (see MORE DETAILS tab). Furthermore, with the addition of interchangeable return orifices, the regulator is a good match for stock street cars or highly modified drag cars! It is compatible with all gasoline and alcohol blends of fuel including E85. Fuel pressure is dialed in using the preload set screw on top. 


-Multi-Port Regulator
-Mounting bracket with hardware
-Interchangeable return orifices 
-6AN ORB plug (x2)
-8AN ORB plug (x1)
-6AN male adapter (x3)
-8AN male adapter (x1)

Pressure Gauge

If the fuel pressure gauge and O-ring adapter P/N: 14-0119 is selected, the 3/4"-16 (-8AN) port can no longer be used. 

Alternatively, this gauge adapter HERE can be used on one of the -6AN ports.

The graph below shows the minimum fuel pressure the regulator can achieve as a function of pump flow rate. This test was performed with the adjustment screw completely backed out, no preload.

For example, if you have two pumps that flow 320LPH (total 640LPH), the approximate minimum pressure the regulator can achieve is about 23.5 psi. Note: if an OEM fuel pressure regulator is used for 640LPH, it will likely not be able to bypass enough fuel.

With the Radium MPR, simply spin the set screw clockwise to achieve higher pressures. Note: Most EFI systems operate at 43.5 psi (3Bar) static fuel pressure.

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