New Product Intro: Fuel Pressure Regulator

We are excited to have our first batch of our Radium Engineering external Fuel Pressure Regulators (FPR). An external FPR is a necessity when upgrading a fuel system for forced induction or other modifications. Among other benefits, It enables a higher fuel pressure to be utilized, which can be beneficial for flowing more fuel through the fuel injectors.
We designed this product around a Bosch regulator unit that is OEM on many modern vehicles. This regulator unit has been proven reliable. Instead of dealing with finicky springs and leak-prone aftermarket diaphragms, we chose to keep it simple, reliable, and affordable. The Bosch regulator unit is housed in our own 6061 billet aluminum body. We designed the body to be compact and feature-packed.

The housing has two regulated ports that are threaded 9/16-18 for -6AN fittings along with one 1/8NPT port for a pressure gauge or pressure transducer (for data logging). The return port on the bottom of the housing features a -6AN male flare integrated into the body, eliminating the cost of an additional fitting.

We will be offering the FPR's in 3 different static pressures: 3, 3.5, and 5 Bar. Each one is 1:1 vacuum referenced.  We will even be offering an adjustable version. The regulator unit can be removed from the housing by removing the retaining ring that holds it in. This allows different units to swapped in, and can be handy for servicing or cleaning the FPR. Replacement regulator units are available from most major auto parts retailers, should the need arise.
These regulators will come anodized black or Radium Green and include a powder coated aluminum mounting bracket and hardware. For more information and pricing see our product page here: Radium FPR

Please Note:
Changing fuel pressure should only be done as part of a carefully thought-out plan of modifications. If fuel pressure is changed from what the OEM engine control computer is calibrated for, it can cause serious problems.

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